MIM Material characteristics and applications, Mechanical properties

MIM Material characteristics and applications

Material Material quality Characteristics Applications
Low alloy steel Fe-Ni-C High strength, high toughness Automobiles, sewing machines, guns
Fe-Cr-C High strength, friction resistance Power tools, hydraulic machinery, musical instruments
SNCM,SCM Shock resistance Keys, automobiles
Stainless steel SUS316L Corrosion resistance Fishing goods, OA equipment, timepieces
SUS630 High strength, corrosion resistance OA equipment, medical parts
SUS410L Electromagnetic characteristics Electromagnetic parts, valves
SUS444 Electromagnetic characteristics Electromagnetic parts, valves
SUS440 high strength Time pieces, medical parts
SUS262 Allergy resistance, high strength Timepieces, hair dressing
SUS420J High strength, corrosion resistance Pneumatic machinery
SUS440C friction resistance,corrosion resistance Spinning machines, blades
Titanium Pure Ti, Ti alloy Corrosion resistance, light weight Timepieces, hair dressing
Other Super invar Low thermal expansion AV equipment
Kovar Thermal expansion close to glass Measuring equipment
Cemented carbide High hardness, high corrosion resistance Keys, timepieces
Heavy alloy High specific gravity Weight

Mechanical properties

Material Material quality Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Hardness, etc.
Low alloy steel Fe-Ni-C 1000-1800 2 – 10 HRC 30-50
Fe-Cr-C 1000-1800 1 – 7 HRC 30-60
SNCM 1120 3 Surface hardness Hv

650 – 700

Stainless steel SUS316L 530 40
SUS630 1300 10 Post aging process HRC42
SUS410L 380 45
SUS444 450 35
SUSXM27 570 25
SUS420J 1000 8 HRC ≥40
SUS440C HRC ≥50
Titanium Pure Ti 555 15 Hv 150-240
Ti alloy 780 5 Hv 260
Other Kovar 540 30
Cemented carbide Hv 1600-1800
Heavy alloy Specific gravity 18