Titanium Metal Injection Molding

FineMIM offers Titanium Metal Injection Molding of material Ti-6Al-4V, and focus on applying the gained knowledge for producing Titanium MIM parts or components in production quantities.

Titanium MIM Parts

Titanium Metal Injection Molding technology to other manufacturing methods:

Attribute Titanium Injection Molding Conventional Press & Sinter Machining Investment Casting
Density +99% 88% 100% 98%
Tensile Strength High Low High High
Elongation High Low High High
Hardness High Low High High
Complexity High Low High Medium
Surface Finish High Medium High Medium
Production Volumes High High Low Medium
Range of Materials High High High Medium-High
Cost Medium Low High Medium

Which Features are Suitable for Titanium Metal Injection Molding?

Although versatile, Titanium Metal Injection Molding has ideal design characteristics to determine whether or not something is best suited for Titanium Injection Molding. Below is table that outlines what FinMIM believes to be desirable, allowable and the aspects that should be avoided when considering Titanium Injection Molding:


Size: fits in the palm; golf ball or smaller
Aspect ratios of 5:1 or less
Uniform wall thickness, with max variation around 5X
Wall thickness larger than 0.020” and smaller than 0.5”
Minimum draft 0.5°
Cored out features to reduce part weight
Flat surfaces


Asymmetry Ribs and bosses
Grooves and threads
Decorative features (i.e. texture, logo, lettering)


Small diameter holes <0.050”
Sharp corners or points
>Wall thickness <0.020”
No draft


Examples of Suitable Applications by Industry


Vascular access ports
Orthodontic brackets
Shoulder, hip and knee joints
Tissue ablation electrodes




Bicycle hardware
Knife components
Eyeglass hinges, temple, arms, nose bridge
Watch housings
Firearm parts


Accelerometer housings
Electronic packages


Sporting goods
Outdoor equipment
Luxury products

Eyeglass Titanium Parts
Eyeglass Titanium Parts