FineMIM adds Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Capability

As a new brand, FineMIM recently added metal injection molding (MIM) capabilities to its service offerings.

MIM produces high quality finished metal components by molding metal powder as if it were plastic. Components may be molded utilizing a variety of alloys, often faster and at significantly lower costs as compared to traditional machining and investment casting methods.

As the name implies, MIM is an injection molding process comprised of four main steps:

Feedstock Formulation — Fine metal powders are mixed with polymeric binders.

Injection Molding — Parts are molded producing “green state” parts.

De-binding — 90% of the binder material is removed through one of three methods: catalytic, thermal or solvent de-binding, resulting in a “brown state” part.

Sintering De-bound parts are sintered for final densities between 96-99% of theoretical.

FienMIM’s entry to MIM includes assisting in feedstock selection, designing and building the molds together with molding to the green state. De-binding and sintering are presently subject to sourcing to manufacturing partners.

FineMIM is a China-based, full service custom molding, mold making and machining company employing over 200 craftspeople in almost 20,000 square meters of manufacturing space.

FineMIM specializes in mold making and molding high-end medical, electronic and other, plastic injected, metal injected and insert molded specialty devices. It also offers additional manufacturing services including custom machining, laser marking and PVD coating.

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